This special disrupted issue of the JMP has been conceptualised, edited and performed collectively by Coventry University’s Centre for Disruptive Media (CDM) and the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL). Disruption, for us, should be seen as an affirmative practice, in the sense that it allows us to experiment with new forms of critique and to rethink and performatively disrupt some of academic publishing’s core foundational concepts and practices…




jmp-annotation-picWeb Annotation as Conversation and Interruption
Remi Kalir – University of Colorado Denver
Jeremy Dean –

A series of thematic conversations on the politics and practices of web annotation, interrupted and extended through the technology of web annotation itself.

Keywords: Web Annotation,, Openness, Education, Collaboration, Social Media, Scholarly Publishing, Peer Review, Digital CultureTopics of conversation:

neil-foxKnowing Sounds: Podcasting as Disruptive Academic Practice
Neil Fox – Falmouth University
Dario Llinares – University of Brighton

The Cinematologists present an experimental audio exploration into the podcast medium highlighting intersections between critical analysis, knowledge dissemination and aural creative practice as research.

Keywords: Podcasting, Podcasts, Film, Audio, Research, Pedagogy, Critical Thinking, Higher Education, Creative Practice

Topics of conversation:

lyle-skainsCreative Practice as Research: Discourse on Methodology
Lyle Skains – Bangor University

A living resource for practice-based research methods in the arts & humanities, where practitioner-researchers can post and discuss methodologies across media practice fields

Keywords: Practice-based Research, Methodologies, Discourse, Arts Research, Media Practice Research, Methods

Topics of conversation:

emma-waltersCo-Writing ‘Subject Media’ Whilst Framing Employability (Transferable Skills)
Emma Walters – Bournemouth University

If a blog seeks to interpret/ communicate how emergent data (Moll 2002 cited in Law, 2004) ‘hangs together,’ at what point does it become method?

Keywords: Blog-as-Method, Bricolage, ‘Third Space,’ Interpretive

Topics of conversation:

janneke-ademaPerformative Publications
Janneke Adema – Coventry University

Written in my paper will hinge upon specific aspects/fragments/concepts of the original performative project that it engages, entangling the community’s engagements along the way.

Keywords: Performative Publishing, Scholarly Publishing, Materiality, Experimentation,, Technotext

Topics of conversation:

adam-brownUniverCity: Images of success and structures of risk
Adam Brown – London South Bank University

UniverCity is a participatory web forum exploring the role of digitally produced images of educational architecture in negotiating the rapidly shifting status of the University as it undergoes global change.

Keywords: Architectural Imaging, Digital Imaging, Education, Digital Culture, Photography, Architecture

Topics of conversation:

craig-battyA Morning Coffee in Melbourne: Highlighting the Contentious Spaces of Media Practice Research
Craig Batty – RMIT University
Leo Berkeley – RMIT University
Smiljana Glisovic – RMIT University

A morning coffee in Melbourne: three practitioner-researchers from RMIT University have a lively conversation highlighting the contentious spaces of media practice research.

Keywords: Peer Review, Screen Production, Creative Practice Research

Topics of conversation:

sarah-jonesPerforming Vulnerability in Kiribati: “It’s Not Just a Matter of Seeing What You See”
Sara Jones – Bath Spa University

Challenges emerge for a filmmaker representing Kiribati, a ‘drowning island’. Instantly embroiled in the same narratives under critique, how can she navigate these tensions, creatively?

Keywords: Kiribati, Creative Practice as Research, Film as Research, Troubled Waters, Climate Change, Displacement, Postcolonial

Topics of conversation:

katherine-wimpennyRemembering, Reflecting, Returning: A Return to Practice Journey Through Poetry and Images
Katherine Wimpenny – Coventry University
Peter Gouzouasis – University of British Columbia
Karen Benthall

The focus of our paper is about how the relationships between aesthetics, artist-researcher-practitioner, agency, dialogue and theorising have been applied through use of poetry and images.

Keywords: Autoethnography, Arts-based Educational Research, Poetic Inquiry

Topics of conversation:

zach-mcdowellDisrupting Academic Publishing: Questions of Access in a Digital Environment
Zach McDowell – National Center for Digital Government

My project questions traditional academic publishing through illustrating how economic and labor issues embedded within these practices undermine the intent of knowledge production and dissemination.

Keywords: Collaboration, Openness, Publishing, Economics, Labor, Sharing, Writing

Topics of conversation:

jurij-smrkePhilosophers Have Only Referred to Texts, the Point is to Link Them
Jurij Smrke – Coventry University

I will help the contributors link from their texts directly to the passages they quote, within the limits of online availability of the originals. Based on these attempts, I hope to find a way to automate the process.

Keywords: Referencing, Open-Access, Code, Speed

Topics of conversation:

doors-unlimitedChange in Breath

Change in Breath is a dramatic para-enactment of other contributors’ projects-in-progress restaged as offline conversation among researchers anticipating imminent and irrevocable transfiguration.

Keywords: Doors Unlimited, Deathbeds Symposium, Senselab, Innerbrowser, Paraenactment

Topics of conversation:

elizabeth-whitneyCreating Future Memories: A Dialogue on Process
The Future Making Research Consortium

This contribution documents the generative method we used to create a two-day public workshop on archiving digital memory.

Keywords: Digital Archiving, Generative Collaboration, Future Making

Topics of conversation:

Anthony Luvera – Coventry University

This paper considers the production of Assembly (Brighton 2013-2014), to explore questions and tensions involved in unpacking the (im)possibility of a participatory practice to put power in the hands of the powerless.

Keywords: Social Practice, Homelessness, Participation, Dialogue, Brighton, Ethics of Representation, Collaboration

Topics of conversation: