Dreamlike eco-campus at Chatham University's new Eden Hall Campus, Richland, PA.

Take off and fly through campuses worldwide. Defy gravity and glide through spaces of learning not yet built.
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Dreamlike eco-campus at Chatham University's new Eden Hall Campus, Richland, PA.

Postby postoccupant » Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:20 pm

3-D walkthrough rendering of Chatham University's new Eden Hall Campus being built in Richland, PA. Eden Hall Campus will be the first in the world built from the ground up for the study of sustainable living, learning, and development.



Watching the sun go down on the firepits is an awesome experience.


The more I watch of these, the more the fantasy of learning and the dream of friction-free space becomes fully immersive... this is, really, more about presenting a dream student experience. This campus doesn't present the kind of technologically enhanced experience of the innovasphere signified in some of the other images... however it does integrate bureaucratic elements into a manicured rural landscape...

I'm possibly linking this to Brett Leavy's 'Virtual Meanjin' - a project about indigenous knowledge preservation and learning using gaming environments, which has provoked me in the past year... a fantastic project which imagines Australia pre-colonisation/invasion.


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